Aerial view of Flotta Wind TurbineOne of the World's most productive wind turbines is located on the Island of Flotta, Orkney. Costing £3 million, the turbine stands on one of the best sites in Europe for generating energy from the wind. Constructed next to the Flotta oil terminal – it emphasises the island's important role in both traditional and now renewable energy production. The state-of-the-art wind turbine is a 2.3MW (2300kW) Enercon E70 with a hub height of 64m and a rotor diameter of 71m.

The wind turbine and 25 acre site is wholly owned by Orcadian renewables entrepreneur Barry Johnston. Barry has worked in renewable energy for over 15 years and plans to use the income from the wind turbine to sustain and develop other renewable energy projects.

The wind turbine will provide the Flotta Community Council with a cash contribution of £100,000 over the lifetime of the turbine to put towards projects the community decide will benefit the island of Flotta.

Since commissioning, the turbine has achieved an average capacity factor of 52%, more than double the UK average for onshore wind and 33% higher than that of the UK offshore wind industry. In October 2011 the wind turbine generated 1.1 million kWh while restricted to a maximum output of 2000kW. This represents a capacity factor of over 75%.

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